Keep Your Home Safe

There is a village about 60 kilometres from Shirdi by the name of Shani Shingnapur. The residents of this village have no doors to their homes. They believe that the local deity protects their homes and punishes any thief who tries to rob any home in the village. Even the bank in this village has no doors! While the people of Shani Shingnapur are living in a world of idealistic utopia, the rest of us have no such luxury. We need to keep our family and our homes safe. So we’re here to tell you about the different security systems in the market and how you can keep your family safe.Let’s consider the four most basic systems you could go for:

  • Monitored Systems:An alarm system which notifies the call centre, who then proceed to notify the police about the intrusion. While effective in raising an alarm, the downside to the system is the response time of the police, who in India aren’t the quickest ones to act.
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  • Unmonitored Systems:Quite affordable as compared to the above system, the unmonitored systems do not notify the company, but raise a loud siren and flashing lights. It relies on your neighbours to hear the loud sirens and inform the police. The system is ideal for folks who live in apartments as the loud siren itself is enough to scare away thieves and catch your neighbours’ attention.
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  • Wireless alarm systems:These systems are easy to install and simple to use. You can set up cameras and motion sensors around your home and when an intruder is captured by the sensor, you get a notification on your device and you can remotely check on all the cameras to see what set it off. The drawback is if you own a pet, they may constantly set the alarm off.
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  • Electric Current Systems:Usually used when homes are being built, these type of systems monitor your doors and windows and send a beep when either are opened. Besides being good for security, they are also great if you have a young kids who may open doors and windows they should not be opening.
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So, there you have it. A simple guide to make a smart decision when it comes to choosing a home alarm system. You can find all these systems and more at Viva, your end-to-end interior partner.