Cleaning every nook & cranny!


With the world struck by COVID-19 and the curve not flattening as fast as we imagined it to be, we must do what we can help slow down the virus’ transmission. Since all of us are self-quarantining to help lower the spread and transmission, maintaining social distancing, practicing clean-hygiene habits, all in all, it goes without saying that we must clean our homes too.

While the rules of lockdown may have relaxed over time, it’s important that we maintain these hygiene practices for our safety in the coming future. At the end of the day, we help protect others by protecting ourselves.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about the uncommon places you may have missed while disinfecting or cleaning your home and tips on how you can concoct your own disinfectant. Remember; dust bunnies roll in the most unlikely places.

1. Time for a wipe down!

The virus is believed to be able to remain on surfaces such as glass, metal and cloth for several hours up to even a few days. This means that frequently touched surfaces such as TV remotes, refrigerator door handles, kitchen counters, bedroom door handles, kitchen knobs, desktops must be disinfected several times a day. Use a clean rag or a paper towel that has been dampened with alcohol-based disinfectant to wipe them down and discard the towel after each use. Be sure to use disposable gloves.

Places you may have missed: Your windows, doors, side tables, switch boards, sink faucet, laundry bags, stair handles and mobile devices.

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2. Look up for a sign!

Among the many places you might have skipped while cleaning include ceiling or wall fans and lamp shades. An unusually large amount of dust tends to get caught up in these places, so be sure to pick up a rag and clean off whatever has been accumulated. Remember to clean first, then disinfect later.

3. Laundry done right!

Towels, bed linen and clothing must be washed in the highest temperature setting on your washing machine. Use bleach for whites, and add a cap of a disinfectant like Dettol to the final rinse cycle. In case anyone at home is sick, wash their laundry separately. If possible, dry clothes in the sun, as sunlight is an excellent and natural disinfectant.

4. Cleaning up after every walk!

Despite lockdown being imposed for our own safety, we have to go out from time to time to buy groceries and other essentials for the home. Keeping this in mind, we must make sure the entryway of your home, where you and your family comes and goes from each day, should be frequently cleaned.

5. Home-made to keep the home safe!

If you do not have access to disinfectants at home, here are some a few recipes of home-made disinfectant you can use.

Vinegar and water. Although it might not be just as powerful as other disinfectants, you can always wipe your surfaces clean a couple more times in a day.

Isopropyl alcohol and gel. You can purchase a bottle of isopropyl alcohol with a concentration of at least 70%. Anything more than 70% and it won’t be effective, as the solution will dry out before it can kill any germs.

Bleach and water. A mixture of the two serves as a great and effective disinfectant for household purposes. However, be sure to use up whatever mixture you have concocted as the bleach’s disinfecting properties will fade away over a span of 24 hours.


With these in mind and practiced daily, your home should be cleaner and safer than usual.
Happy cleaning!