Boosting Productivity from Home.


Ways to Boost Productivity from Home!

While working from home may sound like the dream; no dress code, no commute, one of the main challenges we are faced with is maintaining our productivity level. Unsurprisingly, one can be easily distracted by the comfort of their own home. Now that lockdown has been extended, the possibility of falling into a sluggish and unproductive pace is not too far away.

But there are ways to stop these habits from fully taking over. Let’s get down to it.

1. Create a separate workspace!

As tempting as it may sound to sit in bed with your work laptop all day, studies suggest that your productivity flow is slowed down. While your mind might be awake, your body senses otherwise. In a way, you must trick your body into thinking you’re “commuting” to work by creating a separate workspace outside of your bedroom.

Pick a clean table for you to work on, surround yourself with stationery and plants and if there are too many wires in the way, tape them together so that the table looks less messy. Having a nice and organised workstation table helps direct the flow of productivity.

2. Soak up some sun!

Allowing as much natural light as possible into your workspace decreases eye fatigue and headaches while increasing productivity. Since we’re not allowed to go out for our own safety, try to place your table in a spot where you get a lot light coming in. The sun is a source of vitamin D, something we tend to miss out in our diet. Keep your curtains or blinds open for good lighting.

3. Surround yourself with greenery!

Research has shown that exposure to nature and greenery increases worker happiness and productivity while reducing stress. Studies have shown that the slightest interaction with flora boosts productivity while lightening your mood. Keep a few potted plants around you or decorate your balcony and window sill. If you have views of trees and shrubs, turn your desk towards the window.

4. Keep your table clean!

Start your work day by organising your workstation. Tame any loose cables you have lying around because having an organised space clears your mental space as well. Try not to develop the habit of eating at your designated workstation. Keeping your table clean helps in keeping yourself distraction-free, thus, boosting productivity. If things tend to clutter, try to set a scheduled time daily to clean up the mess.

5. Keep a puzzle nearby!

For those working in the creative space, having a Rubik’s cube or a stress ball at arm’s length on your desk will help relieve stress or get your creative juices running.

6. Get comfortable!

Sitting and working all day can be a bit stressful on your back and joints. So, cushioning your chair will help relieve a bit of tension your back might endure. Developing the habit to sit straight and upright will help relieve stress and in a way, help boost productivity.

7. Switch it up!

The best thing about working from home is the fact that you can pick your spot and change it from time to time. Unlike working in cubical in your office, you have the option of taking your work from your living room to your study or even in the balcony, overlooking a beautiful view while soaking in vitamin D. You can create a timetable or schedule wherein you pick your work spot at home on a daily basis.