Simple Ways To Secure Your New Home

Decorating your new home is definitely more fun than setting up security measures. But home security is very important. To help you get back to the fun stuff, here are 5 simple ways to secure your new home.

1. Secure the Doors

Inspect all of your exterior doors to make sure the door frames are strong and the hinges are protected. Here are the quick reinforcements we recommend to help you shore up these vital entryways.

  • Install a deadbolt

  • Upgrade to smart locks

  • Boost security with a video doorbell

2. Lock the Windows

Doors and windows are the most common entry points for thieves. If you don’t like the looks of your window latches, spruce up security with locks or key-operated levers. But you don’t have to stop there. We have some other good ideas to help make your windows burglar-proof.

  • Reinforce glass with window security film.

  • Add window bars.

  • Plant prickly bushes under first-floor windows

3. Light Up the Landscape

Place lights around your front and back yards, along pathways and near the parking areas. Make your outdoor security lights even more effective with these tips.

  • Use motion-activated lights

  • Save energy with solar-powered lights

  • Put outdoor lights on a timer

4. Set Up a Security System

Your new home should have some form of a security system, whether it’s a basic DIY system or one that comes with camera monitoring and home automation. Choose a system that you’re comfortable with, evaluate the needs of your neighbourhood and your house before you set it up.

Before You Go

Figuring out how to secure your home doesn’t have to be a chore. Use these tips to get started. You don’t have to do everything at once. Identify which strategies are most important to you, and make a plan to add the rest later.