DIY – Home Décor Made Easy

Home décor can be really simplified if you want it to be. There’s so much you can do with everyday things you can source, without spending too much, to decorate your house and make it look fancy and fun!

This kind of mood lighting can work both for a bathroom setting as well as in a bedroom or perhaps even in the living room. Depends on your choice!

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You could do with two bulbs or as many as you want to put. Just get an electrician to pull you a connection from the closest switchboard to wherever you want to set this up. Pretty sure you can easily fix the bulbs yourself. Just decide what texture paper you want to use for the frame around the bulbs and you’ll have yourself a luxurious hotel room feel and look at home!

No, it’s not just a pretty picture. You can see for yourself how simple and elegant this is. All you need to make this masterpiece, is a few dried up twigs, some clear glass tumblers and salt or whatever alternative you choose.

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This is going to look fabulous on your dining table or even as a show piece.

This one’s a classic. Awesome way to show off those old photos.

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A rock, some GI wire wrapped with a yarn of your favourite colour and voila…fancy photo stand! Too easy …isn’t it?!

Hello old photo frames you can still be of use! Just repaint those old fellas and fit them with some hooks.

DIY (1)

Brand new key-holder. Make your keys feel special!

Who knew hanging normal everyday stuff in your house could be made to look so artsy. You don’t need to be an artist to pull this off. Trees are pretty random. Just curved lines. Right?

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Put some nails on the branches and get the hanging-off-a-tree feel! :D Try it out!

Book shelves can become the centre pieces of your hall…if they look like this. Levitating books. Your very own invisible shelf. Basically there is no shelf. It’s like they’re hanging in mid air.

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You just need a metal fixture like shown in the picture.

Nail it to the wall and stack ‘em!

You’ve probably seen a lot of fancy clocks. Perhaps, on the internet or a museum? Why shouldn’t yours be a fancy one too?

DIY (2)

You can get the clock machinery in the market for barely anything. Add pictures in place of the numbers. You could probably put one for each of the 12 numbers or do just “12,3,6,9”. It’s not too hard to get the placement right.

There’s so much more you can do! Try out all the fantastic possibilities. Your home is worth it, I’m sure!