DIY Home hacks

We all have old discarded wood hoarded in our house, taking up space and forming a dirty little corner. Why not turn that mess into useful art?

For starters… how about a trendy looking Coffee mug hanging rack?

All you need is one of your discarded pieces of wood and some hooks.

Nail ‘em and hang ‘em!

diy (5)

Pretty cool, huh!?

diy (2)

I’m sure you’ll also have a lot of old glass jars lying around! Tadaa….Candle holders!!

diy (4)

Coasters anyone!?


Hangers can sometimes be costly or mundane. What if you can make your own cool hangers with discarded wood and rope? All you need is a piece of wood and a thick rope and hang all kinds of stuff.

diy (6)

Or you can even use it for something as simple and classy as a Photo frame…but apart from photos you can also put up inspirational quotes.

diy (1)


Hope this gives you a fair idea of stuff you can do at home to beautify and simplify your house. Now….Let your imagination go wild!