Festival Time Homes

The festive season is upon us. With Dussera just a fortnight away and Diwali around the corner, it’s the time when most of us choose to re-decorate our homes. A thorough re-painting of the house can be a real drag which can take over your entire house for quite a while. Even though it’s a task you may do only once in five years, getting a house repainted is a huge undertaking. From that tiny bit of civil work, to browsing through bundles of color palettes, the entire process just seems to be never ending. So, here are a few simple hacks which can get you through the redecoration season relatively easily.

  • Prep the room: Creating as much space in the room as possible cuts down the painting time significantly. Even though you cover the room with bed sheets and newspaper, that one drop of paint always seeps through, leaving a permanent spot. Ideally, empty out as much of the room as possible.
    prep the room
  • Identify the spot: Mark the spaces that you think, need to filled with white cement and ensure it’s done before you begin the paint job.
    Identify the spot
  • Bring color to your life: Let some color into your room by opting to paint one room with a brighter shade. If not for the mood, it’ll at least make the room seem larger.
    Bring color to your life
  • Don’t begin the paint job: No, not yet. Make sure you buy a sample tin of all the colors you’ve selected a put it up on the walls to ensure that it’s just the right shade and the right finish.
    Don't begin the paint
  • Begin the paint Job: Yes, now that closed down on all the details, let the painting begin. You’re now in the home stretch. It’s now all up to the painters to finish up the job.
    Begin the paint job 2
  • You’re done: The brushing and rolling is now over. You’ve completed what was a herculean task and you’ve pulled through. Pat yourself on the back, and bask in the glory of your achievement.
    You're done

Or you know, you could do the simpler thing and just call Viva. Our team of dedicated professionals will never let you feel the burden by identifying issues, finding solutions and following a strict timeline for the on-time or before completion of your project. Our team of experts will make the entire experience very easy for you and ensure you just enjoy the perfection of your home during the festive season.